Coronavirus Booking Guarantee
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Coronavirus Booking Guarantee

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In these uncertain times I have ‘Ummmd and Ahhhd’ about whether to wait for the spring next year to get workshops going again or just forge ahead and do what I can within the restrictions….I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with all the ‘what ifs’ and ‘maybes’, if I’m honest…but what has repeatedly struck me over the course of the last few months, is that how necessary and important these kinds of activities and time in nature really are!! 

With that in mind, I have determined to get my workshops up and running again and do what I can to help people in these testing times by providing a safe haven and place of well being, a port in the storm, so-to-speak. The workshops are now live and bookable – see “workshops” page for more info.

But I realise it could all go belly up again and restrictions could well change between booking your workshop and actually taking part, so I want to reassure you that if workshops have to be cancelled, we will reschedule; if you have to self-isolate, you can transfer your booking to another date; if other things go wrong because of Covid, I will do my very best to accommodate you and your situation so that you get the opportunity to take part in this much needed ‘me-time’!

I want to reassure you too, that I am doing and will continue to do all I can to ensure your safety whilst taking part in the workshop. For example, numbers have been reduced to 5 participants per workshop; all tools and equipment will be thoroughly cleaned between workshops and where I cannot provide a whole set each, I will provide facilities for cleaning tools between uses.

Please see my Covid-19 page for policy statement and risk assessment for more information or contact me directly if you have a specific enquiry.