Hand Crafted Products

As a Designer / Maker I love using all manner of materials and learning new techniques and crafts. I particularly love working with different metals and natural materials such as; stones & gems, shells, wood, felt and natural fibres as well as interesting ‘found things’. Sustainability and upcycling are key factors in my work and creating something with a beautiful form as well as a useful function is foundational to my designs. I also love fusing traditional techniques with modern and combining materials together in creative ways.

All of my products are unique and one off, even if they are of the same style as others, each item has a character of its own, which is for me, the beauty of hand made. I make products that I really like and each one has been made with love but I also love undertaking commissions for special purposes, be it a gift or a particular function…

My products are now available to buy online via my very own new shop here, but you’re also more than welcome to drop in to my workspace to browse…or to discuss an idea for a bespoke item

contact me directly for the address and to find out opening hours for the week as they will vary depending on current commissions and workshops.

"Dee is my go to crafts-person for special meaningful gifts, she has a knack for producing just what I envisioned but better!"