It’s been a while!

It’s been a while!

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Well where does the time go?!

Can’t believe we are already on the home straight to Christmas! So much has and is happening and changing it’s hard to keep up and even harder to find time to blog! But here I am and I have some very exciting news! Apart from relocating to my Garden Studio setup in September, and now having setup my very own online shop here on my website – which I’m very proud of as it was not easy! I also spent 16 days in Spain at the end of Sept beginning of October, in Galicia to be precise. I did my very first Camino – the Camino Inglis from Ferrol, on the coast, to Santiago de Compostela – the capital city and final destination of all the pilgrimage walks in Galicia. It was a 5 day hike of approx 113 km which in English money is around 70 miles, so I had to average 14-15 miles a day. Which may not sound like a lot to some folk but for me it was a huge distance to walk with a rucksack containing all my worldly belongings and 1.5litres of water on my back!! Wish i’d taken less stuff but guess I have to find out the hard way!!

So I set off on my solo mission and although challenging, i absolutely loved the walking (not being an experienced walker and not having done nearly enough training walks before hand, I was worried about how my body would cope, but it did me proud!), the scenery, the atmosphere, the few people i did meet were super friendly and kind, the whole vibe of the region was just wonderful!! I will definitely try to do another longer camino in future, it really was a special time for me personally and in my faith, it gave me time to not just talk to God but to listen! we’re good at talking and reeling off our prayer lists to God, but how often do we just sit and listen!! so it was invaluable in that sense and enabled me to clarify a lot of thoughts and feelings that had been bumbling around in my mind for some time.

The second part of my journey was planned for house viewings…!!! Now this is the really exciting part…I found a few places that i just fell in love with and would have dropped everything to stay there and live!! but i needed to measure my heart and my head and balance out what we were hoping to do there and what we needed in order to do that…so we decided to make an offer on an historic group of 3 houses in the south of the province, very close to the Portuguese border….a small farming village near the Baixa Limia nature reserve!! absolutely stunning area and gorgeous little place! So there it is! Our secret is out!! The plan is to move next summer and initially renovate / restore the property to make it more liable as it is very much as it would have been 100 years ago – no bathrooms or laundry, no heating system or proper kitchen to speak of, so some major modernisation is required but we are totally up for that having already renovated my old house together and made a huge difference to the value. So we are hoping to set up a self sustaining, off grid farm / apiary / Art centre where we will be growing, rearing and cultivating native species and using many traditional practices – based on a permaculture ethos with as little negative environmental impact as possible, in fact we aim to be carbon negative not just neutral…

There is a lot lot lot to organise and a whole heap of things to sell / give away so that we can travel light and start afresh! We are super super excited – and a little nervous – but super super excited and will be journaling our journey and adventures on here and via youtube vlogs…we have decided to call the place ‘Ponte Verdial’ – which means ‘Green Bridge’ – I’ll explain more about what this name means in a later blog, so watch this space for updates and info!! But here’s just a little taster of what’s in store…

over and out! Dee x