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Made in Kent

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Very nervous the last few days as I had an interview with the new “Made in Kent” radio station booked in for this morning. They are a new radio based in Bexley but who cover the whole of Kent and are dedicated to supporting and promoting local businesses and enterprises. They have a very professional yet friendly set up and clearly know what they’re doing!

I arrived to a warm greeting and the offer of a fresh cuppa, which is always much appreciated. Had a lovely chat to find out a bit more about the company behind the station before I went in for the interview. I’ve never been in a radio studio before so it was quite daunting but Matt made me feel at ease straight away and we just got chatting. He explained the process and off we went…intro to Run DMC and Aerosmith raised a smile – love that song! 

I was remarkably relaxed and able to articulate my aims and intentions with my business and the reasons behind the initial idea – it was a really enjoyable experience and even when I listened to it later when it was live on air, I didn’t cringe too much!! lol!

So do check out the station – currently online only but an app on its way apparently!! 

Thanks again to Matt and his team for making me so welcome and for being so generous with their time and resources.

If you know of a Kent based small business that may benefit from getting some coverage…do get in touch with Made in Kent Radio – or have a look on their website for more info!

Have a blessed week!