Handmade Copper Fibula brooch – ‘Harpee’


Inspired by the Roman toga pin called a ‘Fibula’, this beautiful brooch is hand forged from a single piece of upcycled copper without out the use of soldering or any other joining techniques.

The simplicity and timelessness of this design is what I really love about it. Perfect for scarves and pashminas, as a kilt pin, or just on the lapelle of your coat.

There are 3 variations of the design  – this one I call ‘Harpee’. As is the nature of handmade, they are not identical, so you will receive a brooch made to the same design but it will not necessarily be the exact one in the picture. If you would like to customise a brooch, I’m always happy to work with your ideas, just drop me a line.

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Historic style

Roman, toga pin, ancient inspiration, copper, Fibula, handmade, forged, upcycled


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